French leader in remote stone machining
I-Craft is a service company specializing in technology applied to “stone” materials in all its forms.
But our know-how goes far beyond that. From total control of a project, to advice and R&D, we offer a multitude of solutions and work at the crossroads of many fields.

We have optimized all stages of the digital and production chain to make the most of it. Our course strategies thus make it possible to increase the speed of execution while increasing the quality. We are the only ones capable today, from the scan of an existing object or a purely digital object, of supporting it in its manufacture in a CNC machine and accumulating productivity gains between 20% and 60%.

On site or remotely, I-Craft makes it possible to exploit production tools to their maximum potential, while reducing costs as well as energy and environmental impact. In collaboration with the largest French CNC manufacturer specializing in hard materials, we optimize machining times by up to 30%, while extending the life of machine parks.

I-Craft offers designers and manufacturers a range of innovative solutions at the service of creativity and high craftsmanship. Thanks to our R&D stemming from our business expertise, we are working to revive massive construction and release the technical potential in the fields of architecture, built heritage, design, interior & exterior decoration.

Areas of intervention & professions

> Heritage, arts and archeology

We contribute to the preservation, safeguard and restoration of built, sculpted or exceptional heritage. Museums, archives, local authorities... we regularly work with public or private bodies responsible for the conservation of cultural property, works of art and historical monuments.
. Anastylosis (object transplant)
. Archaeological surveys (freehand, 3D)
. Digital scientific record
. Backup/archiving, digital facsimiles
. Copies of objects
. Virtual and physical mediation and communication
. Database of works by artists
> Construction, architecture and design

In parallel with its commitment to historic buildings, I-Craft contributes to the revival of solid natural stone in all types of construction: collective housing, schools, administrative buildings, museums, cellars, individual houses, etc. In partnership with a designer, creator in object design and a qualified architect, we support you in all the work to rehabilitate the use of this material with exceptional qualities.

. Design and trend advice
. Plastic research/experimentation
. Product design
. Development of single object or range of object in small and medium series
. Mediation and communication
. 3D computer graphics
. Certified quality control (3D metrology)
. Machining
> Other areas

Our know-how allows us to go further and we regularly put our knowledge at the service of fields as varied as health (orthopedics…), car restoration (missing parts), household appliances (retro-design), decoration… even artistic! Do not hesitate to contact us.

Tools & Techniques

I-Craft masters more than 30 software: CAD, DAO, CAM, CAD/CAM, certified metrology, simulation/force calculation, realistic 3D rendering, reverse engineering, 3D digitization... i-Craft uses and combines the most performance of each solution. I-Craft brings you its experience on all CNC machines:
. 5-axis CNC machine
. 6 axis robot plus 3 interpolated
. Plasma robot
. Water jet cutting
. Laser cut
. 3D printer


> Natural stone
Our core business revolves around our perfect knowledge of natural stone: marble, travertine, slate, granite, sandstone, schist, quartzite, limestone, lava, basalt... Each stone is unique and has its own characteristics; but all of them combine unrivaled properties in terms of reliability, durability, recyclability, aesthetics and simplicity of implementation. Classified as an eco-material, rock is ideally suited to a sustainable development approach and to HQE (High Environmental Quality) construction projects. It captures heat, stores it and releases it gradually (thermal inertia). It maintains healthy air inside the home (classified A+). Its use has little ecological impact: a varied and abundant resource, it is the first constituent of the earth's crust, placing it among the inexhaustible resources, and its extraction requires low energy expenditure. Hand or machine, knowing how to cut them is an art to obtain the expected aesthetics and functions with an irreproachable level of requirement.

> Hard and soft materials
Our experience in cutting and machining allows us to go well beyond and explore other materials such as metal, glass, wood, plastic, industrial textiles, foam...

3D modeling & CAD/CAM

3D modeling creates virtual objects of rare precision. Organic, wired, surface or volumetric in nature, our models combined with the knowledge of stereotomy* allow a design as close as possible to the final result. Completed with 3D rendering (photorealism) which concretizes your ideas by adding textures, colors, shadows... our parametric software not only simplifies your manufacturing processes but integrates a transposition to hard materials of high-tech machining paths. We support you in the production of prototypes or in the search for finished parts using processes that are as efficient as they are fast.
* Science of carving and cutting building materials, especially stone

Machining & Remote Programming

From advice to total control of a project, our machining technicians intervene remotely or on site: troubleshooting, advice on methodological study, modeling and programming, optimization/verification of routes, parameterization of tools, from 3 to 7 axes, disc, cutter, carrot (tube), sculpture size, cutting, engraving.
Our various collaborations lead us to use plasma cutting, water jet cutting or machining, mainly of stone, foam and aluminum. Our mastery of CNC machine programming allows industrial and artisanal manufacturers to respect "best practices" guaranteeing fault-free production from the first shipment. With this streamlined chain, we reduce machining costs and times by an average of 30%, thereby extending the life of tools and machines.

3D Scanning

Our survey center digitizes your physical models at short distance. Certified to VDE and VDI standards, our 3D scanners are powered by artificial intelligence: the collection of massive data and their analysis facilitates pattern recognition or improves the density and quality of the image. They reach the very high precision of 200 microns and capture 80 frames per second, with color. Combined with software for digital sculpting, reverse engineering, CAD/CAM or 3D metrology, their capabilities become limitless to recreate, invent, explore or control quality (3D metrology). Our files are valid with the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research) for scientific heritage studies. Thanks to the “marriage” of very high performance scanners and our experience of hard materials from the Compagnonnage, we offer state-of-the-art scans with respect for the trade.


The transmission of knowledge is at the heart of the apprenticeship of the Compagnons du Devoir. That is why it is also part of the essence of our company.

> Initial training
Established and defined program for students, discovery and awareness of technologies.Datadock and Qualiopi approved training. (French certification). Discovery of the digital channel.

> Vocational training
From the 3D scanner to the software for your CNC machine, our programs and our approved training courses are tailor-made for your needs. In small groups or individually, at your head office, remotely or at i-Craft's premises, each training course is designed according to your prerequisites and everyone's expectations.


From the analysis of the existing situation (inventory) to the design of a product or the organization of a service, we put our expertise at the service of your project; upstream in order to make preliminary recommendations, or downstream to check the quality of the work. We offer assistance and advice to interpret your data and guide you on structural and technical choices and, if necessary, offer you solutions to carry out your work. Digital scientific survey, archaeological surveys (freehand, 3D), digital backup/archiving, study for grafts (anastylosis) or copies, use for mediation and virtual and physical communication, certified quality control (3D metrology), machining of all materials, database of artists' works… Our interventions cover many activities, do not hesitate to contact us to find out how we can help you!


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14 rue Saint Cyrice 12000 Rodez

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